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Welcome to the New Democratic Re-Evolution

One Mind is the New Democratic Re-Evolution that is about to sweep the planet and change our world forever.

We are The First Virtual Democratic Movement that represents all views at the same time and have Representatives that abide by the decisions made by their Collectives.

This is Democracy 2.0!

Are you ready for The New Earth?

What is The One Mind Project?

The aspiration behind the One Mind Project is to create a New Democratic System where every member can participate by making Collective Interactive Decisions.

No longer will the power of making the decisions in our society be in the hands of a few elected individuals.

In this Re-evolutionary New Democratic System the power of making the decisions is granted to all members of society.

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The application uses Personal Decision-Making Spheres which are automatically assigned to each member of the One Mind Application based on their personal information and Permanent Residency.

How does the Application work?

How Does the app work
Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(193).png
Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(194).png
Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(195).png
Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(197).png
Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(198).png
Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(199).png
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Proposing new Laws

Proposing new Laws and Regulations

Every member of the application can submit Proposals to create changes to Laws and Regulations in any of our Ministerial Departments in their Personal Spheres of Decision-Making.

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A Spcial Day for Democracy

We've Created a special Day for Democracy

Similar to the Swiss Model of Democracy that implements National Referendums every First Sunday of the month, in the One Mind Model of Democracy two things happen on the First Sunday of every Month.

1. The Highest-ranking Proposals in each of our Virtual Ministries automatically becomes the Official Referendum for the following month. This process is determined by using a simple Token System.

2. The Referendums that were selected and Debated throughout the previous month in the Official Referendum Page will have a concluding Live debate using our interactive debate model One Mind Talk, only then will the Referendum be finally voted upon by the Collective.


Every member of the application has 5 To
The Token System
Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(132).png

The Token system

The propositions submitted by the One Mind members are ranked for their relevance to the different Collectives, in each of our virtual Minesties, by using a simple Token System.

  • By using the Token System, the most prevalent suggestions will quickly rise to the top revelling the most supported Propositions.                   

  • The most important aspect of the Token System lays in the power it gives minorities to raise their most pressing issues to the mass conscience awareness.

A Collective Discussion

A Collective Discussion

During the month prior to the final voting a Democratic Discussion takes place in the Official Referendum Page.

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In These Discussions the One Mind members are able to:

  • Propose Addendums (Changes) to fit the new Law's and Regulation to any Minoritie's Group needs.

  • Submit Opinion Articles (1000 words) or Short Opinion Videos (up to 5 Minutes) in Favor or Against the proposal at hand.


These articles and videos have to comply with our Internal Conversation Guidelines. In these articles our members are able to share their opinion in Favour, Against or being undecided regarding the proposal at hand.

Members of the application have the ability to attach any document or research relevant to support their claims.

A permanent Pole is made visible in the Official Referendum Page, in order to present the prevalent state of opinion regarding the Referendum throughout the month. 

The One Mind Democratic Movement

The One Mind Democratic Movement

The main difference between a Traditional Political Party and Our Democratic Movement lays in the fact that the One Mind Democratic Movement doesn't have any  Political ideology or doctrine, instead it holds all political views at the same time (Conservative, Liberal, LGBTQ, Environmental, Religious...)


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Our Representatives will sign a work agreement with the One Mind Application where they agree to Represent their Collectives by abiding to the Decisions made in the Application.                   

Our Intrnal Primries Procss

Our Internal Primaries Process
From Application to Democratic Movement


The One Mind Application has created an Internal Primaries Process where each Collective can vote for their New Representatives for government within the application.

Any member of the application that desires to become a Representative of the One Mind Democratic Movement, and meets the Requirements to do so, is able to present his/her candidacy to represent the Collective they desire.

Every member of the application has 5 To
Choosing your Reprsentatives

Choosing your Representatives

Our Internal Primaries Process spans over a Five-month period and is divided into two main stages.


1st stage - Submitting of Documents: 

the process of Submitting the Information required by the Candidates to create their Personal Candidate Page spans over a two Month period, only then will the Internal Primaries Process begin.

Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(82).png

2nd stage - Primaries Process:

The Primaries Process spans over a three-month period during which our candidates will promote their Official Candidate page in their Personal Social Media outlets. There they will share their aspirations to become Representatives for their Community in the One Mind Democratic Movement.

Three Public Election Events will be held during the Primaries Process, In these Events our candidates will be asked questions previously selected by the members of the Application regarding their; Professional work, Views on various issues and their Aspirations for their future Democratic Work and Co-creation.

Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(56).png

These Public Events will take place at the end of the First, Second and Third months of the Primaries Process.

Through these Events the public will get to know the candidates on a personal level and at the same time make visible the voting trends through the Poles held at the end of each Event.

Our objective is for Every Collective to choose the Maximum number of Representatives possible for each body of Government, whether it be Parliament, Senet or Congress.

Our Goal is to vote Representatives for 100% of these seats and take over Entire Governments, giving the power of making the Decisions back to the People.

Visit our landing page for the First Pilot of our Primaries Process now being launched in Israel.

Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(125).png
Direct Channel of Decision-making

Direct Channel of Conversation and Decision-Making

Not only do the One Mind Collectives Create Change through Our Monthly Referendum System, but Our Representatives also have a Direct Channel of Conversation and Decision-Making Forums with their Constituents.

Every member of the application has 5 To

Creating a direct line of communication for Democratic Co-Creation!

Our internal Guideline for Ethical Conduct

Our internal Guidelines for Ethical Conduct requires Our Representatives to:

  • Agree not to use any paid publicity in their campaigns and only promote their candidacy on the One Mind platform and their own Social Media outlets, this is done in order to level the playing field.

  • Once elected our Representatives will sign an agreement to only earn up to 10 times the Minimum Wage.

  • Individuals with a Criminal record or an open Police Investigation will not be accepted.

A Project by the People for the People...


The One Mind Project is composed of two separate organizations with different purposes in mind.

Every member of the application has 5 To
Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(130).png

The One Mind Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization in charge of Creating the One Mind Application and adapting the application to each Country's Democratic structure.

In order for the Application to be Independent and free from all Political and Financial controls we realized we needed to create each Country's Application through our Crowdfunding Campaign.

Once the application for any given country is created it is then handed to that country to Operate and Maintain.

Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual Department_Minestry(22).png
  • The manner in which the funds from the Crowdfunding Campaign are utilized will be made public to our supporters through our Official Website.


The One Mind Production Company is responsible for overseeing the implementation of our Communication Strategy and is in charge of:

  • Creating our Communication Platforms.

  • Producing our Global Campaign for the implementation of the One Mind Democratic Model.

  • Implementing and monitoring our Communication Franchise One Mind Talk and One Mind Festival.

  • Profits generated from each Countries Communication Franchise will fund the establishment of the One Mind Democratic Movement in that Country.

One Mind Project

One Mind Talk
A New Form of Democratic Conversation

The Collective Decision-Making Model Franchise One Mind Talk, is meant to oversee the production of our Collective Interactive Discussions where the New Laws & Regulations will be discussed before the final voting occurs. 

Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(131).png

The panels for each discussion will be composed by:

  • The proponents of the new Laws or Regulations.

  • Proponents of the different Addendums.

  • Individuals whose opinion articles and videos have received the highest approval rates both in favour and against the proposition at hand.

  • Professionals, Scientists and Experts whose line of study and expertise is of value to the discussion.

The focus of these discussions is to find Collaborative and Creative Solutions to problems we encounter in our societies.

A special emphasis will be drawn to the needs and desires of the different Minority Groups in each Collective.

One Mind Talk
A Conscious Change

The One Mind Talk Format is also dedicated to bringing Higher Consciousness Concepts and Ideas to these Collective Conversations. In between our Official Referendum Debates we will hold Public Conversations regarding various topics.

The Thyme for these Conversations will revolve around:

• Connecting Science, Consciousness and

  Reality into one.

• The New Modalities for Healing disease

• Revisiting History

• Expending consciousness

• The Emphasis for these public conversations is Threefold: Live, Public and in all Languages.

Every member of the application has 5 To
One Mind Talk

One Mind Festival
An Event on a Global scale

Our Worldwide Interactive Discussion Model One Mind Festival is meant to take place in different locations around the world every month.


These events will be conducted in the local language in every Country and will be broadcasted to the entire World.

In these gatherings we will decide how we wish to venture into the Future as One Human Family.

Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(178).png

These Events will showcase Musical Performances by local Artists and hold Collective Meditations.

Revenues from these events will go towards funding the Creation of the One Mind Democratic Movement in each Country.

Every member of the application has 5 To
One Mind Festival
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