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The One Mind
Production Company

Producing The New

Every member of the application has 5 To

As part of our Communication Strategy,

we are launching the One Mind Production Company.


This communication and production company main objective is to communicate to the members of the One Mind Application and the collective at large the various ways in which we can bring change through this Model of Democracy.


Our desire is to guide and inspire the One Mind collectives to the infinite possibilities that are at our collective fingertips once we start integrating this form of democracy into the existing one.

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In this new way of envisioning the future, we as collectives will take responsibility for our past actions in order to create a sustainable future for our environment, our communities and our way of living.

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A Franchise for Change

The manner in which we decided to Propagate this New Democratic System was by creating a Live Disscusion Model for our Collective Decision-Making Frenchise One Mind Talk, One that could be replicated anywhere around the World.

Our aspiration is to create these Public Conversations by collaborating with Production Companies around the World, in order to begin transforming our reality through Collective Decision-Making.

Get in touch with our team and become a part of the Revolution.

Join the One Mind project team!

One Mind Festival
Celebrating Democracy on a Global Scale

The One Mind Festival is yet another important facet of our Communication Strategy.


Our Vision is to Create Collective Gatherings all around the world where the One Mind Collectives will Debate the different Referendums selected by the Collective and make well informed,  Collective Decisions.

The Festival has a special purpose in Mind, becoming the World's New Decision - Making assembly, a New United Nations Created by the People, for the People.


In between debates and culminating at the end of our Decision-making Discussions, a Live Event will take place where

Music, Spirituality and a Deep-rooted Respect for all Religions and Cultures will take place.


Setting up an Atmosphere of Unity and Co-creation for our Collective Events as we decide how we wish to Venture into a brave new future.

Every member of the application has 5 To
Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(175).png

One Mind Music
Promoting Music from around the World 

Promoting different Cultures and their Music from Around the World is One of Our Greatest desires.

The Music Featured in Our Live events will be promoted in Our Social Media Outlets to the One Mind Collectives so to further elevate the Artists and their unique Sound and Culture.

Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(171).png

One Mind Music is looking forward to Celebrate Your Music with the rest of the World.


Send us Your Music and Country of Origen in order to become part of Our Global Events. The One Mind Collectives will then decide which music makes it to the main stage each month. 

Every member of the application has 5 Tokens for each Virtual DepartmentMinestry(170).png
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